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Weigh Belt Conveyor

About Hifar Weigh Belt Conveyor

Hifar Weigh Belt Conveyor/Weigh Feeder is designed forcontinuous heavy duty environments either indoors or outdoors. The design range includes open and fully enclosed models.. Regardless of the belt feeder that you require, the accuracy and reliability of your results are assured when you own Hifar equipment. We offer our clients proof of our expertise and will provide testing to show that our products are equipped to handle and accurately meter the material in question. Our equipment is designed to provide long-term accuracy, consistency and repeatability, which is particularly important when it comes to the performance of any weigh feeder or conveyor belt scale.
















Construction Options

  • Open or fully enclosed design
  • Cantilevered design option
  • Epoxy coated, mild steel or stainless steel construction
  • Accuracy:

    Weighing Accuracy ±0.5% and better

    Weigh Belt Conveyor/Feeder Sizing Chart

    Open Design:












    Enclosed Design: