We Provide Quality Impact Flow Meters, Pneumatic Conveyors, Electric Powder Control Valves, Weigh Belt Feeders, Custom Designed Dynamic Weighing and Material Handling Solutions

Welcome to Dalian Hifar! Hifar is leader and innovative pioneer in bulk solids metering, feeding, weighing,conveying technology in China. We make processes work in all areas of industry throughout the world since 1994.

Impact Flowmeter

Hifar DC impact flow meter is able to accurately measure the rate of flow of a variety of materials. This function is an essential tool in monitoring the actual flowrate of materials going through a process. Hifar DC impact flow meter has been widely used in cement, steel, foods, chemicals, coal-fired power generation industries.£¨More Information£©

Pneumatic Screw Conveyor

Hifar HSG Pneumatic Screw Conveyor transfers powders, granules, and other dry bulk materials through an enclosed horizontal or vertical conveying line. £¨More Information£©

Electric Arch-Shape Valve

Hifar Electric Arch-Shape Valve is used to control the flow of bulk solid marterial in processes £¨More Information£©

Industry Application: Coal Powder Measurement and Conveying System

Hifar Coal Powder Measurement and Conveying System has been widely used in cement, steel, coal-fired power generation industries.£¨More Information)

Static Continous Weigher

Hifar Static Continous Weigher has been designed to provide the optimum cost effective solution for measurement and display of powder flow through a process. £¨More Information£©